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March 15, 2012


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A Pimped Cube: Now and Then

February 19, 2010

The entries were received, the votes were cast, and Faye Nickel of The Oakmont Yacht Club emerged as the winner of our “Pimp My Cube” office makeover contest.  Now, we’re pleased to share pictures that document the transformation from a bit of awful to a whole lot of awesome!

 Faye originally assigned the title “Office Mess” to her contest entry and she provided evidence to support that. 


Here’s another view:

So, we set out to change that and, well,  see for yourself.

Ample storage beneath an expansive work surface now makes it possible to be more organized and productive. It’s a mess no more!

Overhead flipper cabinets also  add to storage capacity. The result is a work space that’s current, visibly pleasing, and, perhaps best of all, organized!

We converted this:

Into this:


The single shelf that was formerly pressed into service in that corner clearly didn’t offer sufficient storage space. The addition of matching overhead cabinetry resolved that problem.

Faye is delighted with the results and we’ve enjoyed working with her and the folks at Oakmont Yacht Club. Our thanks to Faye and to everyone who participated in our “Pimp My Cube!” contest!  

Special thanks to Quality Computer Services, Inc. for providing technical assistance and a flat screen monitor, a welcome addition to Faye’s new office!

To view the full “Pimp My Cube” transformation photo set,  please visit our Facebook page.