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May 17, 2012

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March 12, 2010


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Office Furniture 101

July 17, 2009

Welcome to Anderson Interiors blog.  We’ve created it to showcase products and design features, share trends in the industry, and to allow our customers to become better acquainted with the people who make our company the unique organization that it is.  In addition, we’ll answer questions and provide articles that inform, educate and, at times, entertain.   We hope you’ll return often for updates and to see what’s new in office interiors and design.

Let’s get started with a short primer; Office Furniture 101.
Recycled Office Furniture                                                              
 A term used for any post-consumer office furniture that has been diverted out of the solid waste stream and back into the market with or without repairs.  This includes remanufactured, refurbished, and reused office furniture, all of which are “used again.”   

Remanufactured Office Furniture   

Recycled office furniture that has had value added to the product by being completely disassembled to its parts, inspected and cleaned, repaired or replaced, reassembled and refinished to “like new” conditions, and returned to market for sale.

Refurbished Office Furniture                                                   

Recycled office furniture that has had value added to the product by being “touched up” or cosmetically improved and then returned to the market for sale.                                                

Reused Office Furniture (As-Is Office Furniture)  

Recycled office furniture that has been returned to the market for sale without repair or improvement to its appearance. 

New Office Furniture  

New office furniture purchased from the original equipment manufacturer for resale.  The parts are made mostly of raw materials (natural resources) that have not been used before, although some manufacturers’ components may have been recycled content.