Five Elements of a Customer Satisfaction Plan

August 2, 2012

Asserting that customer satisfaction should be addressed by every organization is perhaps stating the obvious but, ironically, many businesses neglect to create a plan to achieve it. They employ an installation, repair, or service staff that isn’t properly trained, potentially inviting the opportunity for negative impressions to be formed.

Here are five easy ways to ensure that your employees are representing your business in a way that warrants approval from both you and the customer!

1. Establish guidelines for proper dress while on the job. Either provide clothing such at T-shirts or define what’s considered acceptable. Be sure to include that clothing should be clean and in good condition.  Consider providing booties to be worn over shoes during inclement weather. Workers should have a neat appearance and be appropriately well-groomed.

2.  Insist that team members be well-mannered and courteous. Remind them that they are guests in the locations in which they perform their work and that they should be respectful of both people and their surroundings. Periodically, contact customers at random to ensure that the standard is being met.

3.  Train your team to have good communication skills. Remind them to patiently explain what they are doing and to answer any questions that the customer might have. Include that an explanation should be offered in simple terms that someone who is not in the industry will readily understand.

4. Workers should make every effort to arrive on time or to notify the customer when that’s not possible.

5. Detail that the job location should be left as they found it. Tools should be packed up, trash and other waste removed, and furniture and other items should be put back in place. Remind the team to properly thank the customer for choosing tu use your company.

The installation team at Anderson Interiors prides itself on excellence in workmanship and customer service. Time and again our customers compliment and applaud them for their behavior, attitudes, skills and knowledge. We’re very proud of them, too!

Benefits of Good Customer Service

May 19, 2011

Customer service and satisfaction are pivotal elements of Anderson Interiors business plan and mission statement. Our sales team is committed to personalized service and attention and our installers are professional, courteous, and respectful.  

In an era when many businesses seem to be losing sight of the value of good customer service, it remains  our priority and it should be yours, too.   Here are just a few of the many reasons why.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is perhaps the single most significant dividend of attentive, effective and friendly customer service. It’s not a revelation that a happy customer is likely to be a return one. Studies have revealed that people are more likely to patronize a business that caters to their specific needs than one that routinely offers discounted prices.

Employee Retention

A management culture that focuses on its customers is more inclined to treat its employees with fairness and regard as well.  That translates into a more highly motivated and stable workforce and reduces the expense associated with recruiting and training replacement employees.

Customer Loyalty

Satisfied customers are likely to remain loyal to an organization, resisting sales or other marketing efforts generated by competitors.  In addition, a business with a demonstrated reputation for good customer service is more likely to be regarded as a leader in the industry, another factor in determining repeat business.

Effective Marketing

A dissatisfied customer is very likely to relay the experience to friends, family and colleagues. With the advent of the Internet, that eventuality has even more potential to have a negative outcome. Conversely, customers can use those same avenues to relay a positive experience, essentially functioning as another component in your marketing plan.

Make New Reception Furniture a Resolution!

January 6, 2011

Fresh by First Office

Add new reception seating to your list of New Year’s resolutions!  

Your reception area plays a key role in conveying your corporate image to prospective and current clients.  Furnish it with stylish and comfortable seating  to encourage visitors to form a favorable impression of your business and to prompt them to want to return.

Choose from among traditional, contemporary or modern styles to establish an overall atmosphere that’s consistent with your company’s culture and the work that you do.  Add a coordinating reception desk to complete the look, resulting in an updated and visually pleasing space.

For assistance selecting the perfect reception furniture for your office,  please visit the Anderson Interiors website or phone 412.828.7420.

Happy New Year!

December 31, 2010

 Happy New Year!

We wish you health, prosperity, and contentment in the coming year!

Thanks to all who helped make the past year an enjoyable, productive and successful one for Anderson Interiors. We’re looking forward to 2011!

Holiday Greetings

December 23, 2010


Wishing you the warmth and contentment of the season. May peace and joy be your gifts, enfolding your heart and your home.

Happy Holidays!