Anderson Interiors to the Rescue

April 26, 2010

No, really.

Around our office, Jason Pilling is best known for his furniture installation skills, professionalism, and quick wit but he’s also a dedicated member of the O’Hara Township, Pennsylvania firefighting and rescue community.  On Friday, April 23rd, one frightened little boy’s grandparents expressed their gratitude for that as Jason rappelled down a 30 foot embankment to bring the youngster to safety.

Five year-old Quentin Miske became stranded midway up a steep ravine that he, his older brother, and the brother’s friend came upon while exploring a local park adjacent to their neighborhood.  The older boys were able to scale the wall without incident but Quentin couldn’t climb beyond a ledge positioned some 45 feet from ground level.  One of the older boys continued to the top and sought help while the other remained with Quentin and reassured him that all would be okay.

Members of the Guyasuta Volunteer Fire Department arrived at the scene shortly after and Jason easily rappelled down the wall to where the boys waited, gathered the child in his arms, and carried him to safety. Quentin was impressed by the incident, and the potential for injury, but was unharmed.

Jason has been a member of the Anderson Interiors furniture installation team for 3 years. He’s the grandson of CEO Betty Anderson and is the first 3rd generation member of the family to join the organization.

Jason’s tenure with the Guyasuta Fire Department extends a bit longer than that. He’s been a firefighter for 8 years and has earned multiple fire, rescue and EMT certifications. He’s also successfully completed related coursework.

We’re proud to have Jason as a member of our team and salute him and all of the members of fire departments who selflessly serve their community!

(Photo Credit, Jason and Quentin – John Rakar)