Interpret Systems Furniture

October 25, 2012

 As its name suggests, Interpret system furniture by Teknion can be customized to suit any office setting.  Designed to be a perfect match for any user, environment, or task, it’s the ultimate in versatile desking solutions. 

Adjustable, and easy to install, Interpret can be added to, extended, or fully redesigned to suit the existing environment as well as future changes in staffing, technology, and work patterns. Designers of Interpret drew inspiration from conventional enclosed furniture, creating a bridge for staff to adapt to and embrace the benching concept.

For more information, please phone 412.828.7420.

Office Update, CFO Style

September 27, 2012

Lisa, CFO at Anderson Interiors, is enjoying time  in her new office digs. She selected a desk and office storage from Teknion’s District line and, well, take a look!

Teknion created the District line as a tribute to mid-century modernists who favored furniture with low, clean lines.  Each piece has a small footprint that consumes less real estate and Lisa is delighted that it’s exactly what she’d envisioned for the space.

Designers at Teknion also drew inspiration from modern European residential furniture, creating pieces that are unobtrusive and appear to be an integrated part of the landscape.  Clearly, they succeeded!

Case in point, file storage that doubles as seating.  We can attest that it’s really rather comfy, too.

And storage, storage, storage.  One of the hallmarks of the District line is compact storage that can supplement workspace, reduce clutter and encourage organization.   Lisa is happily appreciating all three. 

Hooray for new office furniture and for Teknion’s District line!

Auction! Executive Desk and Chair, Reception Station

August 16, 2012

We’re excited to announce our participation in Bid Pittsburgh, an on-line auction site!  Please accept our invitation to bid on the sensational items we’re currently offering!

Perfect for an executive or home office, this 6′ x 7′  L-shaped laminate combination comes complete with desk, return and two hanging drawer pedestals. The rich American Dark Cherry finish will complement and enhance any design scheme. A black mesh task chair is also included.

Bidding starts at $750. Retail value is $2,500.

Price includes delivery and installation in the Greater Pittsburgh area. This item is taxable.

First impressions are paramount! Here’s your chance to upgrade your reception area, ensuring it’s in-step with the image of your organization that you want to convey.  This 7′ x 8′ Knoll Equity reception station has been remanufactured to perfection by Anderson Interiors, Inc. It includes two drawer pedestals and a transaction top. Finished in versatile and timeless neutrals: work surface laminate is Fossil Gray, fabric panels are Block Party Oasis, and trim is Medium Gray.

Retail value is $6,500. Bidding starts at $1,300.

Price includes delivery and installation in the Greater Pittsburgh area. This item is taxable.

Here’s how it all works. Go to Bid Pittsburgh, and click on the desired item. To be eligible to bid, you must register and reply to an automatically generated e-mail. Do that and you’re good to go!  Questions? Answers are here!

Bidding ends on Tuesday, August 21, at 9 PM so don’t delay!  Good luck and have fun!

Ability Mobile Furniture

June 29, 2012

There’s more behind a click!

Take a Stand for Better Health

February 9, 2012

Medical research suggests that sitting for long periods of time can have a negative effect on one’s health.  According to a recent study, sitting for more than 6 hours can substantially increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even certain types of malignancies.

But, here’s the good news. You needn’t be a marathon runner or even a regular at a gym to lower your risk. It’s suggested that simply standing can reverse or preclude the harmful effects of being seated.  That’s right, stand up from that sofa, desk chair or car seat and you’ve lessened your risk of developing a serious disease.

In addition, standing prompts your body to consume three times the amount of calories that are expended when you sit. Yes, three times. Your waistline will thank you, too.

It sounds easy enough but it can seem to be a challenge for those whose jobs involve long hours behind a desk. Except, not really. Stand while talking on the phone, and set a reminder for yourself to stand for a few minutes every hour, regardless of what you’re doing.

Or, you might consider getting one of these:


Height adjustable desks by Sunway enable you to stand while you work;  for an hour, for a while, for a day.  Simply change the height of the desk with the up / down control switch, custom fitting it to your mood and your needs. A quiet motor ensures that you won’t disturb co-workers in the process.   Stand and work or enjoy the ergonomic benefits of the desk while seated. Your body will benefit either way.

Ergonomic Desk Setup

September 22, 2011


In addition to having an ergonomically correct chair, it’s important to consider proper desk setup to minimize the opportunity for awkward postures that can potentially cause a variety of physical problems.  Taking note of a few key elements can result in less fatigue, more focus, and a generally more comfortable work experience.

The first thing to consider is the size of the desk in relation to the tasks to be performed. A desk that doesn’t have enough surface space results in illogical placement of components and devices, forcing the user to assume awkward positions to reach or see them.  

The work surface should be sufficiently large to accommodate a monitor that’s placed at least 20 inches away and directly in front of the person viewing it. If additional monitors are required, an angled desk should be considered, allowing for seating in the corner rather than along the straight edge.  Ideally, the screen should be at eye level or just slightly below that.

Other items on the desk should be placed within easy reach. To determine optimal placement of phone, mouse, and other frequently used items, simply raise your arms and extend them to each side.  While keeping your arms extended, move them towards the center of your body while noting the area that is within that boundary. That is considered your normal reach zone. Positioning frequently used items and devices within it prevents stretching and uncomfortable movement that can ultimately lead to stress and strains. Place items that you need less often outside of that zone.

You should also verify that the desk is neither too high or too low. Consider installing a height adjustable keyboard and mouse tray beneath the desk surface.  When typing, your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle and your wrists should be straight. Resist resting your wrists on the surface of the desk or tray while typing.

It’s also important that the desk allow for enough space for legs and feet. Do not store anything beneath your desk that would restrict foot placement. If there is not sufficient clearance for knees and thighs, consider removing any drawers beneath the desk surface. Another alternative is to remove the keyboard tray, placing it on the surface of the desk instead. If this option is exercised, the height of your chair should be adjusted to allow for proper arm and wrist placement.

Affordable Pre-Owned Knoll Equity Workstations

August 18, 2011


Furnishing your office on a budget?  Why not consider pre-owned Knoll Equity workstations? 

Each workstation is 7′ x 7′ and includes 2 drawer pedestals and 1 flipper cabinet.  Neutral colors, grey fabric and cherry wood tone surfaces, complement any design scheme.

We currently have 20 workstations available. Sold as-is.

Please call 412.828.7420 for more information and pricing.