Office Update, CFO Style

September 27, 2012

Lisa, CFO at Anderson Interiors, is enjoying time  in her new office digs. She selected a desk and office storage from Teknion’s District line and, well, take a look!

Teknion created the District line as a tribute to mid-century modernists who favored furniture with low, clean lines.  Each piece has a small footprint that consumes less real estate and Lisa is delighted that it’s exactly what she’d envisioned for the space.

Designers at Teknion also drew inspiration from modern European residential furniture, creating pieces that are unobtrusive and appear to be an integrated part of the landscape.  Clearly, they succeeded!

Case in point, file storage that doubles as seating.  We can attest that it’s really rather comfy, too.

And storage, storage, storage.  One of the hallmarks of the District line is compact storage that can supplement workspace, reduce clutter and encourage organization.   Lisa is happily appreciating all three. 

Hooray for new office furniture and for Teknion’s District line!

Storage Centers: Filing Flexibility

August 9, 2012

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December 1, 2011



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