Magnetize Your Dry Erase Board

(verb) [mag-ni-tahyz] To attract or compel.  That’s exactly the effect a GlassWrite Mag Mobile by Egan can have on your next presentation audience. Why settle for a conventional dry erase board when you can add additional elements such as photographs, documents, and samples, enhancing effectiveness and commanding a heightened level of attention.

Egan, industry leader in Mobiles,  has expanded its V Series mobile range with a board that has a magnet compatible substrate. Like its counterparts in the line, the GlassWrite Mag Mobile has a substantial base with swivel castors, aesthetically pleasing sleekly designed lines, and an anodized aluminum frame.

Choose from a variety of infil under glass options, including punched steel, custom colors, laser-cut patterns, or fabric.

For more information, please phone 412.828.7420.

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