Go GREEN: Save Money and Paper!

The amount of paper used in offices each year in the United States is staggering. Over 71 million tons of paper and paper board is used, 33% of which has been previously recycled.  The average office worker uses 10,000 a sheets each year, in spite of the increased use of e-mail. There are other ways to limit the amount of paper used, some of which are readily accomplished.

One of the most widely published tips for paper conservation in offices is to print on both sides of paper whenever possible. It may seem obvious but it does decrease the amount of paper used by half and therefore always bears repeating.

Have your return address printed directly on envelopes, eliminating the need for mailing labels.

Use e-mail and include a note in your signature asking the recipient to save the file electronically until a hard copy is needed. Chances are it will never need to be printed.

Recycle. The environmental impact is significant; less timber is used and the environment benefits in numerous other ways as well. Less energy and chemicals are required and the contribution to climate change is reduced. In addition, recycling plants add less pollutants to both air and water. Recycling is considered preferable to incineration because a resource is wasted and burning paper contributes to air pollution, generating a toxic ash.

The bottom line is use less and recycle what you do use. You’ll save both money and the environment in which we all live!

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