Five Tips for Cyclists

Cycling to work is not only a GREEN alternative that’s environment-friendly, it’s also a great way to save money on gas and squeeze in a portion of your daily exercise.  However, for many people the prospect of navigating traffic and other considerations can initially make the proposition seem a bit daunting. Here are a few tips that might help to get you started or make your experience more pleasant if you’re already pedaling to the office each day.

1. Many people resist cycling to work because it entails physical effort which can culminate in sweating. No one wants to arrive at work smelling as if they’ve just spent time in a gym. If there are showers at the office, that’s not a problem but what if there aren’t?  Fortunately, there are alternatives. Store packaged wipes in your desk or cubicle and use them to freshen up when you arrive. If you’re not a fan of that solution, bring along a clean wash cloth and a travel-size tube of liquid soap. A quick stop in the restroom prior to taking a seat at your desk and you’re set for the day.

2.  Find the best route. Either consult with co-workers who already bike to the office or plan one of your own using Google’s bike map.

3. Plan a practice ride in advance of an actual work day. That will afford you an estimate of the amount of time you’ll need to allow for your commute and also make you aware of any potential problems or obstacles.

4.  Verify that your bike has no mechanical or tire issues before setting out each day. Maintain proper tire pressure and check to see if there are any abnormalities or tread wear on the surface of the tire.  Also inspect the chain, looking for loose or damaged links. Keep the chain clean.

5.  Consider installing a rear rack on your bike in which to store the things you normally take with you to the office. A backpack can suffice but they can be cumbersome and hot, affording another place for perspiration to collect.

Happy biking!  The environment, your wallet and your body thank you!

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