Storm Safety Tips for the Office

Ever look out your office window and see something like this?

We all know that it’s recommended that one retreat to a basement or take shelter in a bathtub during an outbreak of severe storms, but that’s not always possible in the work place.  Here are a few things that you can do instead.

First and foremost, stay alert. Severe storms happen most often in the spring and summer so make a point of checking the weather each day to learn if the potential for damaging weather exists.  Because storms often form rather quickly, it’s helpful to know what to look for when you suspect that a tornado might be forming.  People typically describe a period of quiet that occurs in the midst of or just after a thunderstorm. In addition, the color of the sky might shift to yellow, green, or an unpleasant combination of both. Another potential warning sign is the appearance of clouds moving at an accelerated pace or in a pattern that appears unusual.

If a tornado has been sighted or a warning exists, move to the lowest level of the building. If that’s not possible, take shelter in a small interior room such as  closet or bathroom. Avoid standing near windows or doors.  If your office is located in a multi-story building or high-rise, interior stairwells offer some protection. Of course, you should always avoid elevators during any emergency.

Resist the urge to leave the building and try to make your way home. Most tornado deaths occur in cars and mobile homes so, statistically, you are much safer staying put in your office until the storm subsides.

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