How Does Your Garden Grow

If you’re a gardening enthusiast and have an interest in eating healthier, consider growing part of your lunch in your office.  There are numerous possibilities but tomatoes are a favorite around our office and we’re looking forward to picking them straight from the vine. Container gardening can be a bit tricky but if you pay attention to a few important details the outcome will be well worth the effort. Prepare, plant, and enjoy!

Select the largest container that your office can reasonably accommodate and position it where it gets the most light. If you don’t have a window, no problem, you can readily purchase a plant light that will serve the same purpose. You can grow up to two plants for each light. Tomatoes need up to 6 hours of day of direct sunlight so keep that in mind when deciding whether a light is necessary.

If you don’t have a lot of available space, you’ll need to opt for dwarf determinate tomato plants. They’re not as tall and tend to not be as sprawling, a very good thing when growing the plant indoors. Otherwise, place the plant in a large full planter, insert a wooden stake and tie the plant’s leaves and stalks to it as it grows.

Properly watered soil is the primary factor in tomato-growing success. Too much water will cause the plant to wilt and will stunt its growth.  Too little water will result in fruit that doesn’t reach normal size. A general rule of thumb is to water daily if the pot you’re using has adequate drainage. To prevent fungus from growing in the soil, spritz the surface of it weekly with a mixture of garlic and water.

Pay special attention, do it right, and soon you’ll be enjoying the literal fruits of your labor!

Tomatoes extract lots of nutrients from the soil so be sure to fertilize per package directions. In addition, be sure that the pl

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