Golf Tip: Grooving a Putting Stroke

Today marks the beginning of March, harbinger of warmer temperatures and a return to the golf course.  If you’re anticipating spring and summer as much as we are, here’s a training aid that can improve your putting stroke, ensuring lower scores when you finally hit the links. And here’s the good news. You can readily do this one in your office, while on the phone or simply taking a stand up and be healthy break.

Have you had trouble converting short putts of 3 feet or less in the past? Try this easy drill to ingrain a stroke that’s effective and repeatable. You’ll need a yardstick, your putter, and a golf ball or two.

Lay the yardstick on the floor, then place a ball on the middle of it. Set up normally and strike the ball using your normal putting stroke. The goal is to cause the ball to roll off of the other end. If it falls off either side before reaching the end then your stroke is not square and on-line.

Practice until you can get 10 putts in a row to fall off the end of the yardstick. Do this drill often until you eventually have a repeating stroke that is capable of making 20 putts that roll off the end of stick. This should give you the confidence to handle any short putt this coming season. 

Another related tip,  when on the course do not look up until you hear the ball hit the bottom of the hole. Not easily accomplished but abundantly effective.

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