Remanufactured Systems Furniture




Inherently, it’s not the basic structure of a work station that becomes obsolete, but the fabrics and finishes that customize it.  Colors, textures, patterns, and surfaces go out of vogue, rendering an overall look that’s dated and inconsistent with the image your organization strives to convey.

Get acquainted with remanufactured systems furniture, a value added product that’s cost-effective, durable, and in-step with current trends and design schemes.  Remanufactured furniture essentially extends the life of the original product, making it both wallet and earth-friendly.

The original workstation is completely disassembled and existing panels, tack boards, and flipper cabinets are re-covered with selected fabrics and materials. Laminate surfaces are applied, components re-painted, and furniture ordered per client specifications.  The end result is a like-new product that has a serviceable life comparable to new.

For more information, please phone 412.828.7420.

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