Makes Your Valentine’s Day GREEN

Henry David Thoreau suggested that there is no remedy for love but to love more. Perhaps this Valentine’s Day we might all consider applying that to the planet, too, by making choices that are GREEN. The recipient of your gift, gesture, or card is likely to be just as pleased and, in some cases, you can even save money.

Here’s a few ways to think in terms of not just red this holiday, but GREEN.

You don’t need to buy something to express your affection. Why not give that special person a hand-written certificate that’s redeemable for a favorite home-cooked meal, a week’s worth of running time-consuming errands, a massage, or similar.

Send an e-greeting or use re-cycled materials to create a card for the special people in your life. Additionally, consider helping your children do the same. Nearly a billion Valentine’s Day cards are purchased world-wide each year, second in number only to Christmas.

Choose flowers that are organically grown and / or locally. Fewer chemicals and less distance traveled are conducive to less negative impact on our environment.

If hosting a party, try to plan a menu that includes locally grown foods. Also, minimize the number of disposable plates, napkins and cups or opt for those made of recycled materials.

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