A Drink to Your Health!


It’s important to stay hydrated regardless of one’s level of physical activity. That means that time spent in your desk chair at the office isn’t exempt. Up to 75% percent of the body’s weight is comprised of water and a portion of it is lost when simply breathing. The air expelled is humidified, as evidenced by the cloud that’s formed and visible when outside on a cold day.

Adequate hydration is an essential element of a healthy body. Every cell, tissue, and organ depends on water to function as it should. Temperature maintenance,  waste removal, and  proper joint functioning are all facilitated by the availability of water in your overall system.

To stay well-hydrated, you might consider following a few simple guidelines.

The body’s first response to a lack of water is thirst, typically followed by a dry mouth or eyes. Pay attention to these cues and have something to drink when you first notice them. Often the sensation of thirst will dissipate if ignored.

The amount of water needed per day varies due to activity levels and size. A general rule of thumb is to drink six to eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day.  There are also specific guidelines that are specific to a person’s weight, the larger the person, the more water necessary.

It’s preferable to sip small amounts of liquids throughout the day rather than in large quantities. It also helps to have beverages on hand, reminding you to drink before symptoms of dehydration begin.  Keep bottles of water at your desk or better yet,  buy a filtering water bottle. Coffee and other beverages are also okay to an extent but caffeine can have a diuretic effect, prompting more water loss and frequent trips to the rest room.

So grab a glass of water and drink up and drink often!

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