Golf Tip: Fall Season Primer

Golf season is winding down for some but that doesn’t mean that your scores need to head in the opposite direction. In fact, it might be the time to chalk up some of your best scores of the year. One of our team members offers a couple of tips to keep your fall game up to par as well as some ways you can begin to prepare for the next season.

First and foremost, fall weather tends to be cool and breezy so you’ll need to take that into consideration.  Practice hitting the ball lower into the wind and apply what you’ve learned when on the course.

To achieve that, make a few simple changes in your swing.

1. Select one to two clubs extra; ie: use a 4 or 5 iron instead of 6 iron etc.

2. Position the ball a few inches further back in your stance.

3. Adjust your grip, choking further down on the club a little.

4.  Shorten your follow through.  Instead of a high wrap around finish, try to cut the finish off before it reaches your left shoulder. (If you are left-handed, it will be the reverse.)

5. Finally, swing a little easier into the wind to reduce the amount of backspin on the ball. The harder you swing the more backspin is imparted and the higher the ball will go, just the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. 

In addition to a lower flight path, take advantage of the cooler weather to practice your short game, paying special attention to putting and bunker play. It’s a lot more pleasant standing in sand that’s not reached Sahara Desert temperatures, making it the perfect time to perfect your skills.

You’ll also need to remember to take care of you. Lower temperatures mean you might not notice thirst as readily but be sure to drink lots of water in order to stay hydrated.

As the weather becomes less cooperative, forcing less time on the course, focus your efforts on stretching and other off-season exercises that will pay dividends the next time you play. It’s a beautiful and comfortable time of the year for golf so incorporate these tips and enjoy it to its fullest!

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