HallowGREEN Costume Central

It’s October and that means it’s time for HallowGreen! We’ve searched the Internet for eco-friendly costume ideas, some of which are as fun to read about as to wear! (Most are budget-friendly, too.)

For example, want to dress as a compact fluorescent bulb?  Combine a form-fitting top (shirt, jersey) and bottom (pants, leggings) with a pair of white tennis shoes.  Inflate white biodegradable balloons and wrap them around your chest and hips. You’ll be the eco-friendly light of the party! 

The same site also suggests dressing as a “GREEN” business. Just wear an all green suit and tie. (What? You don’t have one? No problem. Improvise with matching shirt, pants or skirt made green by eco-friendly dye.) If you’d like to complete the look, use home-made paints to color your face and hair.

Want to send a message?  Attend the festivities as the Halloween garbage ghost!  Ask family and friends to save wrappers from candy and other snack items. Attach to clothing by stitching with thread or apply with glue. Voila!  A reminder of how much waste is generated by the holiday.

Or, perhaps you’d prefer to dress as something that doesn’t shout GREEN but nonetheless is. Wrap aluminum foil made from recycled aluminum around you body. Next, make a foil wrapped cone-shaped hat, grab an oil can, and you’re the Tin Man of Wizard of Oz fame.

Some of our other favorites include static cling (simply attach socks, underwear, etc. to your clothes with hidden safety pins), an iPod (black body suit with a cardboard placard on your chest), and the wind. (Using hair gel, push all of your hair up and toward the back. Attach florist ribbon to either a hair ribbon or insert a wire into a necktie, fasten around neck, then bend to make it look as if it’s being supported by the wind.)

Whatever you decide, have a Happy HallowGreen!

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