Plays Nicely With Others

It’s not a revelation to anyone that good people skills are a critical element of success in an office environment. But ever wonder why some people are easier to work with than others?

We have, too.  That’s why we’re reading People Styles at Work and Beyond by Robert Bolton, an analysis of the dynamics of social interactions and ways to improve them.

We think you might find it as interesting as we have.

The book includes tips that enable the reader to identify how his / her own behavior is affecting relationships with co-workers, as well as methods that one can use to interpret body language and other cues that can potentially improve interaction with others.

The author posits that there are essentially four different “people styles” and then sets out to detail how best to identify and relate to each of them. He stresses the importance of focusing on similarities rather than differences and the necessity of fostering understanding to minimize emotional reactions.

Filled with practical information that’s readily applied, we’re finding the book a worthwhile read. Let us know if you do, too!

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