Golf Tip: Proper Down Swing Sequencing

All golfers know that the game is a lot more enjoyable when the ball actually goes where it’s aimed. One of our team members offers this tip to help achieve that goal. It’s all about the mechanics of the downswing.

To achieve power and accuracy, it’s important for your body to move in the correct order. Specifically, you need to remember that rotation of the hips should happen first.

Upon completion of the backswing, the first move of the downswing should be to turn the hips around and laterally toward the target, ending with your belt buckle directly facing that direction.  Leading with the hips forces the upper body and shoulders to unwind, generating club head speed and an accurate swing path. 

It’s also important to remember to not allow your head to move forward during the swing. It must remain in the same position.

The most common error for the average golfer is to start the downswing with shoulders, arms, and sometimes even hands, in a misguided attempt to hit the ball hard and to steer it in the desired direction.  Instead, the ball is hit too soon and from the outside in, diminishing distance and accuracy.

If your hips turn correctly, your arms and shoulders will naturally follow if you allow them. When the swing is complete, your right shoulder should be facing the target.

So, to recap, full back swing, hips turn and move laterally toward the target, head remains stationary, arms and shoulders unwind. Resist the urge to generate your own club head speed by swinging the club with your hands. Instead, allows the legs and hips to do that work for you!

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