Benefits of Good Customer Service

Customer service and satisfaction are pivotal elements of Anderson Interiors business plan and mission statement. Our sales team is committed to personalized service and attention and our installers are professional, courteous, and respectful.  

In an era when many businesses seem to be losing sight of the value of good customer service, it remains  our priority and it should be yours, too.   Here are just a few of the many reasons why.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is perhaps the single most significant dividend of attentive, effective and friendly customer service. It’s not a revelation that a happy customer is likely to be a return one. Studies have revealed that people are more likely to patronize a business that caters to their specific needs than one that routinely offers discounted prices.

Employee Retention

A management culture that focuses on its customers is more inclined to treat its employees with fairness and regard as well.  That translates into a more highly motivated and stable workforce and reduces the expense associated with recruiting and training replacement employees.

Customer Loyalty

Satisfied customers are likely to remain loyal to an organization, resisting sales or other marketing efforts generated by competitors.  In addition, a business with a demonstrated reputation for good customer service is more likely to be regarded as a leader in the industry, another factor in determining repeat business.

Effective Marketing

A dissatisfied customer is very likely to relay the experience to friends, family and colleagues. With the advent of the Internet, that eventuality has even more potential to have a negative outcome. Conversely, customers can use those same avenues to relay a positive experience, essentially functioning as another component in your marketing plan.

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