All Work and a Bit of Play


If you subscribe to the adage that all work and no play is never a good thing, you might agree that Cubicle Warfare: 101 Office Traps and Pranks by John Austin is the ultimate office survival guide.
The author, a former toy developer, has created a book that’s packed full of ideas for any practical joker. Sure, you could waste time  trying to beat your personal record for most consecutive Free Cell wins but why do that when you can have a bit of fun at a co-worker’s expense instead?   

Pranks and traps are sorted by difficulty and include illustrations to facilitate proper setup and implementation. One of our favorites involves leaving an overturned paper cup, front and center, on a co-worker’s desk each morning. The co-worker is made to remove it and wonder why someone is routinely leaving it there. Until the day that it’s not empty, that is.

Or, alternatively, if you’d like to orchestrate something a little more complicated, how about making an entire office disappear:

We liked it, too.  Happy reading — and pranking!

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