Make Your Garden Green and GREEN

Are you searching for ways to make your lawn and garden GREEN as well as green? Gardening is usually not considered an eco-conscious pastime but, fortunately, that’s changing.  There are now many environmentally friendly methods and products you can incorporate into your gardening routine to make less of a negative impact. Here are a few suggestions that might help  you become a truly  green gardener. 

1.  Check out organic pesticides and don’t apply them until necessary. A very small percentage of the insects found on lawns and in gardens are actually harmful so don’t act until there’s evidence that you need to.

2.  Don’t eliminate grass clippings.  They can  add nutrients back to your lawn.  Cut the grass often to prevent matting. If that happens, scoop up the excess and add to your compost heap.

3.  Water the lawn sparingly. Allowing your lawn to go dormant does not typically damage it.  If you choose to use sprinklers, be sure that they are aimed correctly and are not watering the driveway or other non-organic surfaces. Another option is to purchase a rain barrel and recycle what nature offers to water your lawn and garden as necessary.

4. If you do opt to use chemicals, follow directions on the label carefully to protect both yourself, the lawn and anything that comes in contact with it.

5.  Consider choosing hand tools instead of their powered, and often noisier,  counterparts. You’ll not only save  resources but your body will appreciate the exercise.  It that sounds too labor intensive to you, opt for electric garden tools instead of gas.

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