Off-Season Golf Tips

If, like us, you live in an area where weather prevents you from golfing year round, it’s still possible to improve your game in the off-season. One of our team members offers the following tips, most of which can be done in your office. It’s not the same as wintering in Palm Springs but you’ll be glad you did it when it’s once again time to hit the links!

  • Do stretching exercises. Not only will you maintain or increase your range of motion, you’ll also potentially add power to your swing while reducing the chances of injury. Focus on stretching your arms, shoulders and back in particular.
  • Putt! Bring a few golf balls and a putter to the office, pick a spot or place a folded sheet of paper on the floor, and practice hitting to it while on the phone, waiting for responses, or taking a short break from work.
  • Buy a weighted club with a molded grip and use it to encourage  proper hand placement and swing path.  It’s only possible to hold the training club in one way, forcing the hands to grip it correctly and encouraging muscle memory in your fingers and hands.
  • Build strength in your hand and forearms with a hand grip. They can also do double-duty as great stress- reducers.  What’s more, they’re inexpensive and can be readily stored in your desk drawer. 
  • Practice your stance in front of a full-length mirror. Pay particular attention to hand position and posture.

Try these tips and enjoy the benefits when the weather once again allows for time on the course!

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