Don’t Just Sit – Be Fit!

Don’t let the time spent in your office derail the fitness resolution you set for yourself a few weeks ago. Instead, consider incorporating a few simple exercises that can turn even the most confining office space into a personal gym. 

Exercising at the office won’t be sufficient to allow you to forego a complete  home or gym workout routine but will stand as a valuable supplement, reaping benefits that are cumulative over time. There’s potential to feel more energetic, experience fewer headaches and less muscle pain, and burn a few calories that might otherwise add up to the next pants or dress size.

Most people immediately assume that stretching and the use of hand weights are the only practical exercises that can be accomplished in an office setting but it’s possible to get mini-aerobic workouts throughout the course of a normal day, too.

You’ve undoubtedly encountered the adage that one should forgo the elevator and take the stairs when possible. Well, you can do even better than that.  Climb stairs two at a time and don’t stop when you’ve reached your destination. Go an extra flight up and down, affording an extended burst of aerobic exertion.

No stairs? Do something else. Close your door and do jumping jacks, run, or march in place for a minute or so. Alternatively, bring in a jump rope, or simulate using one. If that feels too ambitious, modify the motion by touching a pointed toe to the floor in front of you instead. Try to do this several times a day.  If the temperature in your office makes it an uncomfortable proposition, add a miniature fan to your decor and stand in front of it during your “workouts.”

You can also do exercises that will elevate your heart rate while remaining seated in your desk chair. Raise your arm straight above you,  pumping into the air several times. Alternate with the other arm. Then switch to both arms, pumping them simultaneously ten times. Or try shadow boxing while seated, punching the air in front of and across your body with each arm.  Do ten repetitions, relax, and repeat.

Moving your legs in a bicycling motion while seated is also an excellent way to exercise aerobically. Simply lift both legs and move as though peddling a bike for a minute or two. Again, try to do this a few times each day.

Of course, you should consult your doctor before beginning any fitness program but once you have that endorsement, happy exercising!

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