Office Politics Primer

Ever wonder how to tactfully tell a co-worker that her perfume is wreaking havoc on your sinuses and / or your sanity?

That and many other questions are posed  in Franke James’ award-winning Dear Office Politics – The Game That Everyone Plays, a book that challenges its readers to find acceptable resolutions to a variety of  problems that can arise in any office setting. You may not want to participate in office politics but part of the point is that we all do, voluntarily or because circumstances have propelled us there.

The book is divided into two sections;  a series of dilemmas that were submitted to the author’s website, followed by potential solutions offered by various professional advisors against which a reader can compare responses.  Problems range from petty annoyances to more serious issues such as attempts to discredit a co-worker and other self-promoting behavior.

The primary purpose of the book is to facilitate a role-playing game which prompts participants to discuss reactions to each scenario, a team-building exercise that can also encourage respect for Human Resources and the problem-resolution process.  But it’s not necessary to read the book along with a group. The author’s wit and cleverly rendered illustrations make for an  interesting and provocative experience when reading alone as well.

We’re enjoying Dear Politics.  It’s packed with good advice that’s presented in an engaging way.  Let us know if  you’ve read it, too!

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