Polar Express: Letters to Santa

This holiday season we’ve partnered with principals at the North Pole (and a few other folks a little south of there) to provide the children of Oakmont,  Pennsylvania an express route for their letters to Santa.

Our President and CEO, Betty Anderson, thought youngsters in the community would enjoy having the opportunity to personally dispatch that all-important correspondence at a site that was specifically designated for that purpose.  Betty serves as President of the Oakmont Chamber of Commerce and she solicited the organization’s participation in the project, inviting member involvement and coordinating their efforts.

The generosity of those newly commissioned elves helped make the project a reality.

Fred Wisbord, a member of the Anderson Interiors team, donated his time and applied his considerable carpentry skills to craft  the mailbox from materials provided by Anderson Interiors.

Artist Susan Donley shared her talent, creating beautiful illustrations of Santa Claus. 

Photgraphic Reproductions, Inc.  donated wonderful photographic stencils of Susan’s artwork. 

Anderson Interiors staff painted the mailbox and applied the stencils, resulting in an eye-catching bit of magic that will hopefully captivate the imagination of children for years to come.  


The mailbox is located at the entrance to Mae’s Hallmark on Allegheny River Blvd. in Oakmont, PA.

The kids in the community quickly pressed the mailbox into service and the folks at the Riverview Community Action Corp, recently appointed Official Santa Claus Spokespersons (OSCS), have been busily recording requests and sending personalized  responses whenever possible. We’re told that  Santa’s helpers are enjoying the process as much as the kids!

Once again, our thanks to all who donated their time, talent, space, and / or services!

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