Merit by Design Options

Not all desk surfaces are created equal, a fact that you might want to take into consideration when selecting one or more desks for your office space. We’ve compiled a desk surface tutorial, comparing composition, functionality, and price.


Solid wood desks are the most formal choice. They add elegance to any office setting and are essentially timeless in design and features.  Typically, they are priced higher than other alternatives but there are dividends in the form of durability and appearance.


A veneer is a thin layer of wood that is applied to a less expensive base, such as  fiber or particle board.  The resulting look approximates that of solid wood but is sold at a lower price. Veneer surfaces are not as durable as solid woods or laminates, an important consideration if the desk will be used extensively or positioned in a high traffic area with multiple users.


High pressure laminate  (also commonly referred to as plastic laminates)  surfaces are the result of fusing components under high pressure conditions.  They are an economical and durable option and come in an endless array of colors and styles.  Laminates are an increasingly popular alternative because they are budget friendly, withstand abuse, and can be custom ordered to complement any design scheme.

Steel or Metal
Steel or metal surfaces are the most durable, uniquely suited for high traffic or industrial environments but often found in home offices as well. They can withstand years of less than gentle use and are a common choice for offices that aren’t typically visited by clients or guests.  Prices vary depending upon construction and design features.

Regardless of which desk surface you choose, avoid glass overlays because the resulting glare is not eye-friendly and may cause strain or discomfort.


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