Team Member Golf Tip: Proper Alignment


Golf  is a favored pastime of both management and staff at our office. We have a club champion and a former golf professional on the team in addition to those of us who aren’t quite as accomplished but enjoy the game nonetheless.  This week’s entry is a golf tip, courtesy of one of our own who offers the following advice.

If you want to be a good player you cannot overlook the basics.

To play the game well,  you must have the proper fundamentals, the most important of which is alignment. Fortunately, it’s also the easiest to learn and practice. Most people have no idea how to properly align their body prior to the golf swing but a couple of key check points and practice drills can help remedy that.

Imagine a railroad track. You stand on one rail facing the other rail where the ball sits.  The rail on which the balls rests points to where you would like the ball to go. Your body is now parallel to the ball.  This means that, when aligned correctly, the body actually aims many yards left of where you would like the ball to land.     

When practicing this position lay a club down in front of your toes or better yet your heels and make sure it is parallel to the line the ball is on.  

Another way to practice alignment is to stand behind the ball in-line with your target. Move your left leg (for right hand golfers) one giant step to the left then follow with the remainder of your body, pivoting into position. That is where your body should aim.

To ensure that your shoulders, hips, thighs and feet are all parallel to the golf ball, hold a club along your chest and shoulders and check to see where it points.  Golf professionals practice alignment every time they hit golf balls on the range. They know if they are not aligned properly they will have to make adjustments during the swing in order to get the ball started correctly and that is impossible to repeat consistently.

So next time you’re on the links, be assured that you’re aimed where you’d like the ball to go and have a great round!

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