Having a 4th of July Picnic? Make It GREEN!


If, like many Americans, you’re planning a picnic in celebration of the 4th of July, why not make it GREEN?  What better way to honor our nation’s beginnings than to help preserve the beautiful country that it is.   Anderson Interiors is committed to providing a GREEN alternative for our customers who appreciate that choice and we’re always interested in other ways to conserve resources and eliminate waste.  Here are some simple ways to make your picnic eco-friendly.

When possible, use washable flatware, plates and drinking glasses. And if you want to take it one step further, avoid washable plastic tableware as well.  There are many picnic sets available that facilitate storage and portability.  You might also consider opting for cloth napkins and other table and kitchen linens. Bring along a washable laundry bag to store soiled linens, then drop all into the washer when you return home.

Keep track of your discards.  If you’re picnicking in a park, be sure you don’t leave anything behind. Also pay special attention to fireworks, sparklers and other 4th fun stuff that can land where it’s not easily found.  In addition to being a source of litter, a metal sparkler stem can be hazardous to the person who is operating the next lawn mower that crosses its path.

Shop for produce and other picnic foods that are locally grown and consider planning a menu that is less meat intensive.  Many sources maintain that mass production of meat uses significant amounts of energy.  Instead, create your menu around an interesting vegetarian side dish or appetizer.

Happy picnicking and have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

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