Three Weeks from Here to There

Remanufactured workstations have several advantages over their new counterparts.  Thousands of pounds of what would become refuse is diverted from landfills and remanufactured furniture is typically sold at a significantly lower price.  Lead time is also less; from our place to yours in just about three weeks.

A lot happens within that time frame.

Day 1 – Panels, parts and other components are pulled from inventory.

Day 2 to 5  – Customer selected finishes and furniture are ordered.

Day 6 to 20 – During this time the product is essentially rebuilt. The original structure is completely disassembled and a series of processes begin:

  • Fabrication –  Existing panels, flipper cabinets and tack boards are covered with selected fabric and materials.
  • Lamination –  Coordinating laminate is applied to surfaces.  T-mold is added to edges.
  • Preparation and Painting – Connecting parts are sanded and then painted.

Day 21 – Workstation and new furniture are delivered and installation begins.

For more information, please contact us at 412.828.7420.

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