More Adventures in Social Networking

Our foray into social networking continues amidst some changes on both Facebook and Twitter. In addition, we’ve discovered a couple of  sites that have enhanced our “tweeting” experience.

Facebook has adjusted the language on its site, replacing “Become a Fan” with “Like” links that are positioned with pictures, status updates, and pages. Facebook maintains that users are twice as likely to click a “Like” button than commit to being a “Fan” and the move is an attempt to capitalize on that tendency. That means if you’re asking visitors on your website, blog or elsewhere to become Facebook “Fans,” you might want to adjust that accordingly. Interestingly, though, Facebook has invited page owners to continue to call those who like their page “Fans” so the moniker hasn’t been stricken from the Facebook universe entirely.

We’re still digesting the change but our initial reaction is that it feels a little less awkward to ask visitors to “Like” our page than to commit to full-out “Fan-dom.” If you’re not already a “Fan” of our page, please check it out and let us know if you “Like” what you see!

Twitter has also initiated a few changes on its home page, including a sample of the Tweets that have been posted and the folks that are there.  In addition, the U.S. Library of Congress will now archive public status updates.

We’ve also found a couple of Twitter tools that are helpful.

Friend or Follow is a handy site that allows you to match the Tweeps you follow with those who are following you. You can also “follow” or “unfollow” other users directly from the site.

TweeTube enables you to post videos, links, photos and more on Twitter.

We’re happy to relay that we’re nearing 500 followers on Twitter.  If you’re not one of them, please start following us today!

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