Celebrate Earth Day 2010


In honor of Earth Day 2010, we’ve compiled a list of 5 readily accomplished ways to conserve resources and supplies in your office and to facilitate a healthier environment in both the limited and broader sense.  Your children, and their children, will thank you!

1.  Bring a reusable mug to work. Using a mug at the office saves, on average, about 500 disposable cups per person per year.  Encourage the use of reusable dishes and flatware.

2.  Turn out the lights when leaving the office for a period of time and each evening when you leave for home. In addition, use natural light whenever possible.  Artificial lighting comprises just under half of the electricity that’s used in the average office. Also, be sure to turn off your computer, monitor, and other supporting electronic equipment each evening. In the business sector, over a billion dollars is spent powering computers etc. that are not being used.

3. Be aware of the type of paper that you buy and how much of it is being used. Chlorine-free and / or recycled content paper are more environmentally friendly choices and it’s virtually indistinguishable from its traditional counterpart. You might also consider lighter weight paper that is derived from hemp, bamboo or organic cotton.

4. Recycle, recycle, recycle. Position recycling containers in high traffic and conveniently accessed areas and encourage everyone to use them for faxes, draft paper, envelopes that arrive in the mail, etc.  Be sure to recycle ink and toner cartridges, saving both money and the oil that is used to produce them.

5. Use non-toxic cleaning products and / or consider homemade options.  Making your own cleaning supplies poses few health-related risks and also conserves resources because  the same dispenser can be used multiple times, resulting in an overall reduction in the amount of packaging that’s required.

At Anderson Interiors, we commit to the environment each day by offering remanufactured furniture systems, an option that many of our customers appreciate.  We look good in GREEN, and think you will, too!

2 Responses to Celebrate Earth Day 2010

  1. Caitlin Green says:

    These are great ideas. Here are a couple other thoughts – encourage employees to bring reusable bottles of water by not buying bottles of water for the office. Have a stack of ‘scrap’ paper for printing internal docs on the reverse side.

  2. slgwrites says:

    Caitlin, these are both great ideas as well. So true that if bottled water isn’t readily available employees will have more motivation to find eco-friendly alternatives.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for reading our blog!

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