Keep It Green

Going GREEN inside…

Helps ensure that things will stay GREEN outside.

 A single remanufactured work station diverts, on average, 800 pounds of waste from our nation’s landfills. That’s eight HUNDRED. 

But  that’s not all.

Other resources are conserved as well.  Remanufacturing one multi-panel workstation can potentially save enough energy to power 10 U.S. households for an entire day.  Examine that further and you’ll find that the energy savings from 100 remanufactured workstations could provide power to 3 households for a year.

Perhaps better yet, remanufactured systems furniture is just as good as new.  That’s not a secret to those who have discovered the benefits of “going green,”  a segment of the market that has been steadily increasing for over a decade.

According to the EPA, nearly 3 million tons of furniture is discarded each year, a practice that incurs a significant fee. In addition to saving the cost of solid waste disposal, remanufactured workstations are priced lower, resulting in savings that range from 30 to 50% dependant upon design details, quantity ordered and other factors. In addition to incurring less expense, value is added back to the product and new colors and fabrics can be incorporated to update the workstation and / or make it compatible with an existing office design.

So, less ‘green’ spent by you, more GREEN for the environment. What’s not to love about that?

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