Home is Where the Office Is


It’s estimated that over 30 million workers in this country have established home offices, no doubt at least somewhat enticed by the thought of comfy clothes, steaming cups of coffee or other beverages of choice, and the elimination of the need to commute anywhere beyond one’s bedroom in the morning. And, in some cases, not even that far, depending on where one has chosen to  set up shop!

Office placement is one of the pivotal aspects of working at home but, for some, deciding upon the best location is not an easy task. In the absence of a room that’s been designed or reserved as an office, or a spare room that doesn’t have a specific purpose, it’s necessary to decide the most logical place, taking into account factors that could significantly influence productivity and contentment.

The first consideration is also the most evident:  available space.  If a room in the  home, be it living room, family room, bedroom, dining room, or even kitchen is sufficiently large enough to accommodate the furniture and tools of your trade, you might want to consider landing there. If no such corner or other area exists, one option is to set up a portable office in a storage or clothes closet, an arrangement that’s especially popular with apartment dwellers. It’s relatively inexpensive to retrofit storage space with shelving and a work surface and you can design it to meet your requirements.

Another alternative is a Murphy bed or drop-down work surface that can be built into a banks of books cases or shelving. Again, the advantage here is that the desk can be hidden away when not in use, freeing up space for other purposes.

An additional positive element of both options is that the office can literally disappear when your work day has ended. Simply move your office or task chair to an adjoining area, close the doors, and you’ve officially gone home for the day!

That can actually have value in more ways than one!

One of the most commonly cited difficulties of maintaining a home office is the lack of a clear delineation of the time when one is and isn’t at work. When one’s office co-exists in the space that also houses forms of recreation and leisure, days can easily become a blur of work activity that extends well beyond traditional business hours.

If space is at a premium and you also prefer more privacy,  how about taking up residence in an attic?  Adding skylights can brighten the space, make it asethetically pleasing, and afford inspiring views, transforming it into a top floor office that you can look forward to returning to each day.

Home office placement can significantly influence a work at home experience, contributing to one’s overall attitude about each work day. We wish you luck in choosing the best option for you!

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