Corporate Blogging: The Basics

The popularity of corporate blogging has increased multi-fold in recent years,  making it a primary method of organizational communication. Consistent with that, a number of how-to primers have been penned and released, offering every manner of advice to those who are about to enter the blogosphere. We’re reading The Corporate Blogging Book by Debbie Weil, an introduction to the basic elements of blogging and accompanying details about  those who do it.

The book begins with a chapter devoted to the twenty most frequently asked questions about blogging,  including an explanation of what it is and how it evolved. Subsequent chapters focus on a variety of topics, including an overview of organizations that generate blogs, the fears associated with affording the stamp of corporate approval, and the ROI or, in this case, the return on blogging that’s reasonable to anticipate.

Weil offers a fair amount of useful information for anyone who is considering implementation of a blog as part of an overall marketing strategy.  We’d also recommend Blogging For Dummies by Susannah Gardner and Shane Birley, another resource that includes detailed tips on selecting topics, comparisons of blogging software, and other effective blogging guidance that we found helpful.

Happy reading — and blogging!

2 Responses to Corporate Blogging: The Basics

  1. Sandy, thanks for the shout out. And congrats on your blog. You’ve nailed one of the most important features of corporate blogging – consistency!

  2. slgwrites says:

    Thanks for reading our blog, Debbie! It was my pleasure to feature your book and we wish you continued success with it. I’m sure many readers will appreciate that the Kindle version will soon be released.

    We are striving for consistency among other things. We hope we’re getting there. Thanks again!

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