Breathe Easy

Having a day that isn’t going as well as planned? Take a deep breath and relax, hopefully with the assurance that the air in your office is free of pollutants that could also contribute to elevated stress levels. 

Sounds kind of ominous doesn’t it?  Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.

Maintaining optimal air quality in your office is a shared responsibility but there are measures that you can take to be a good steward of the air that you and your co-workers breathe.

Increase Ventilation

When possible, open doors or windows to the outside, allowing fresh air to enter for as long as practical.  Also, verify that nothing in your office space is blocking a vent or grille in order to ensure maximum circulation.

Introduce and Maintain Live Plants

If your office is devoid of live plants, consider adding them. Not only do they have the potential to improve air quality, they are also an attractive addition to any office decor.  Plants that are especially noted for their purifying potential are bamboo palm, spider plants,  gerbera daisies, and dracena.

Keep It Clean

While no one is likely to ask you to tote a bucket and mop to work each day, air quality is significantly improved when an indoor environment is kept clean. Promptly dispose of food and empty your wastebasket if you’ve deposited anything besides paper into it.  This can help reduce biological contaminants such as molds and dust mites.

Clean Up Spills

Water and other liquids encourage the growth of molds and mildews that can subsequently become airborne and potentially cause medical issues.  Promptly attending to spills can nearly eliminate the likelihood that problems will develop.

Invest in a Portable Air Cleaner

There are numerous air cleaners on the market that are offered in a variety of price ranges and sizes. A simple table-top or compact floor model may effectively remove pollutants dependent upon prevailing conditions. Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines prior to purchasing a unit.

Like most other aspects of an office environment, air quality can substantially impact your comfort, health, and productivity.  Implementing control measures can potentially lessen the number of pollutants and allow you to breathe easier, an outcome that’s well worth the effort it takes.

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