Fun at PNC Park!

The day in pictures courtesy of the mad photography skills of some of us!

Penguin day & AI Picnic 053

The view from our seats. It was a beautiful day for a ball game!

Penguin day & AI Picnic 045

There was much eating, drinking, and merriment by all.

Penguin day & AI Picnic 055

The world-famous (or maybe not so much) Racing Pierogies! One of us has a crush on Jalapeño Hannah but we’re not naming names.  He knows who he is!

PirateGame 006

Marketing and sales were well-represented. That guy on the right? He’s our fitness guru and leads our lunchtime work-out sessions. Pack some carrots and join us but beware, your quadriceps might hate you in the morning!

PirateGame 009

We’re not sure about the devil horns but we’re thinking he probably deserved it.

PirateGame 004
Future AI employees!  That Red Sox T-shirt might have to go, though.

PirateGame 023
Part of the sales team assessed the relative merits and comfort of the seating. Seating experts, one and all!

Thanks to all who made it such a great day. Looking forward to next year!

See the complete photo set and watch the video on our Facebook page. Leave us a note and let us know you stopped by and become a Fan while you’re there!

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