New or Used

There’s a second-hand market for just about everything these days but some resale purchases make better buying sense than others. Here are a few things to consider the next time you’re deciding whether to buy a new or used version of a particular item.

Refurbished electronics are offered at discounted prices but you need to factor in rapid changes in technology when making the decision to buy one. Why settle for a used computer when you can buy a new one with added features for a little more money?  However, used game consoles, games, DVDs and CDs are no different than their more current counterparts and cost much less. Scour the re-sale market and enjoy!

But what about shopping for things for kids? While it’s perfectly okay to buy previously enjoyed toys and books for children, purchasing used safety items can pose problems. An accident or misuse of bicycle helmets and car seats might render them less effective than originally intended. It’s also not always a good idea to buy a used crib since a design feature might have been declared unsafe in the years since the item was first introduced.

The same caveat doesn’t apply to other household furniture, of course, and depending on condition, it’s possible to find great pieces at very affordable prices.

Blog entryUsed office furniture is always a good choice, too, saving the buyer both money and time. Quality office furniture is built to withstand years of  less than gentle use and its functional life can extend well beyond the previous owner’s needs.

In addition, refurbished work stations can typically be delivered more quickly than new products. Lead time in most cases is only 3 weeks, a significant advantage.

Other used items that make good purchasing sense are hand tools, cars, RVs, and exercise equipment. You’ll spend less money without sacrificing features or usefulness. There’s nothing outdated or negative about that!

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