Have a Seat!

census_taskchairLooking for ways to improve the quality of the time you spend at your desk? An ergonomically correct chair might be the answer for you!

Technically, ergonomics is defined as “design factors, e.g., for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort.”

A mouthful by any standard. Put more simply, it means a chair that you can look forward to using every day!

In addition to being more comfortable, it’s believed that an ergonomically correct chair can potentially eliminate physical problems that can arise from awkward posture.  A properly fitted chair may reduce the incidence of back pain, stiff neck, or headaches that are often the end result of sitting for long periods of time.  In addition, the potential for knee discomfort can also be reduced or eliminated by encouraging a sitting position that properly supports the thighs, while permitting the feet to remain flat on the floor. 

Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

Here’s how it works. Unlike conventional desk chairs, ergonomic designs enable the user to adjust multiple components, including height, seat and back angles, arm rest settings, and attention to the lumbar area. The amount of padding in the seat itself is also a variable that has importance.

The end result is a more comfortable, and less tired, you!

Equally interested in color and style?  No problem.  We carry a variety of seating that looks as good as it feels. Please visit our web site for more information!

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